Content Management System (CMS) Case Studies by Avantia Inc.

Early Internet-delivered content development primarily consisted of moving your product and service brochure to the company website. Brought to life via custom code, any change or update required the services of a developer and/or Ad Agency. Light-weight User Interface services soon evolved giving the end-user some control over content placement, updates and attachments.

The real leap happened when Content Management Systems (CMS) or Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) came into fashion. Content Management Systems enabled easier customization and the ability to leverage powerful search engine environments. Stronger User Interface tool-kits emerged providing “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSISYG) and on-the-fly development without the need for developers and agency personnel. Today, the ability to manage all types of content including video, sound, images, and narrative (copy) are surrounded by template-based, highly functional digital presence Content Management System tools. The Application Programming Interface (API) gives non-programmers access to content from databases and other repositories in and outside the organization, and creates website uniformity across your international website presence.
The value of Content Management Systems is unassailable: control over your brand; lower total cost of ownership and operation; common platform; and “open and alive” environments that handle high-volume transactions with high domain performance.

These high volume/high performance capabilities mandate the same kind of care and feeding any enterprise-class application (ERP, CRM, and Sales Force Automation, as examples) require. Following the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is just as critical for a CMS implementation as any of these other “heavy lifting” applications. This is why companies of all sizes and industries rely on Avantia, Inc. Enterprise systems run the business. So too, CMS runs your presence and, ultimately, accesses and manages the powerful content you need to help customers make informed, well-executed decisions about your products and services. Below are examples illustrating how different clients relied on Avantia’s content management system implementation expertise.

Case Study #1: Power Supplies for Circuit Boards Manufacturer

Without an IT team and the necessary experience to migrate from “brochure-ware” to CMS, this multi-hundred million dollar manufacturer of power supplies for the circuit board industry came to Avantia for a complete conversion to CMS. This required a deep, detailed understanding of infrastructure, and both physical and logical implementation of business applications.

Following the classic SDLC process, the Avantia team first understood the client’s business requirements, goals and objectives. Next, they implemented the CMS, handling all the integration, configuration, and ongoing support for an enterprise-ready website presence. We worked with the client’s design firm to build out a site that provides for high volume/high performance CMS environment.

Case Study #2: International Retailer

What do you do if you are an international retailer with multiple brands and no effective way to bring 2000 stores, thousands of new-hires, and store operating policies to life? How do you handle multiple languages and consistently protect your image, brand, and profit margins?

You hire Avantia to build out an Intranet for internal store knowledge transfer. We used a high-powered, highly-resilient open source CMS platform that quickly and efficiently brings up the necessary store procedures for opening and hiring for new stores across the globe. This CMS gives managers and workers the ability to immediately access up-to-date procedures from a central reference library, including online applications, interview schedules, hiring decision criteria and on-boarding processes.

This same CMS then provides the employee with all he/she needs for benefit administration self-service: payroll/direct deposit, insurance, training and other benefits. Avantia understood how the CMS needed to interact with the company’s other enterprise systems and interfaces to Oracle and PeopleSoft environments.

Case Study #3:  State Government Department of Transportation

Let’s say you’re a state in need of a new way to train your transportation department employees on new policies and procedures concerning the issuance of licenses, tags, etc. Your highly distributed locations previously relied on “one-on-one” updates from the home office. So, inconsistent, low-performing and out-of-date systems hampered their ability to keep accurate and timely information about drivers.

Avantia provided this state agency with a full team of analysts and developers to quickly implement a CMS environment that removed technical barriers, streamlined training and knowledge transfer, and provided consistent policy and procedure information across all locations.

Case Study #4: “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!”

Your locations are as varied as your flavor choices. You’re growing across the globe because who doesn’t like ice cream? So, you hire a big-name, high profile technology-infused marketing company to update your brand, image, and messaging, only to learn their “technology-infusion” is way too “vanilla.” Sure, the packaging looks great, but behind the scene is a patch-work of systems that don’t play well together. Pretty pictures aside, messaging is inconsistent; interfaces don’t work properly; stores and countries are unable to effectively manage their unique local requirements quickly and easily.

Enter Avantia, to come in and straighten things out before all the ice cream melts. We understand the business requirements first. Understand the technical environment second. Execute a global plan third. The Avantia team consists of highly experienced developers, project managers, and business analysts along with gifted and bright designers that rival any “Big Marketing” firm’s talent. The three-year plan includes a CMS roll-out to 22 countries, accomplished by Avantia in 18 months. This translated into huge dollar savings to the bottom line.

Additional Case Studies: Online Vacation Rental Marketplace and Manufacturers

The process of managing vacation home rental shares is a massive undertaking. Multiple brands, international locations, and high-transaction websites demand a stable, heavy API-ready CMS.

As a supplier to military contractors, your radio frequency chips enable soldiers to securely and confidently communicate with their command centers and each other. It’s a matter of life and death. You need to position data sheets and governance records and allow your customers to perform heavy-duty parametric searches for real-time custom product configurations. All these clients relied on Avantia for our Content Management System infrastructure, application, and implementation experience and capabilities. The same kind of enterprise business systems knowledge we’ve been providing since 1999. They rely on us; so can you.