Digital Marketing platforms are emerging rapidly and will make huge strides in 2015.
Your customers – whether they are B2B or B2C – are growing very used to being in control over their buying decisions.  Further, your best customers are spending quite a bit more money with you then your worst customers. So, leverage digital marketing analysis to FIND MORE BEST CUSTOMERS and to change the worst ones into a renewed business relationship. Finally, less button pushes are good. Even in B2B situations, your customer demands ease-of-use, efficiency, and value.  
Here's what we're seeing for 2015:
  Service customers digitally. Don't provide customer 'lip service.'  Today, something as simple as live chat is immediately available to aide customers with everything from questions on your products to shipping and delivery schedules. Why make people wait? 
  Share-and-share-Unalike!  The ability to personalize each and every customer experience is not an unattainable task.  Digital Marketing gives you the opportunity to create connections and new business opportunities through personalized and sharing-approved relationships. 
  Reward Good Customer Behavior.  Nothing says "we care" more than something that goes above and beyond an expectation.  Simply "signing up" for a program and getting a free this or that is nice, but it isn’t special.  Find out what really motivates your customer. Then surprise them with more of it! 
  Stand for Something.  Social responsibility means you stand for something above and beyond economic gain.  You care deeply.  Develop and present your point-of-view around something you truly believe in and support, regardless of a sale. 
  Be Transparent.  No bait and switch.  No fine print.  No, "Yes, but..." Say it.  Mean it.  Live it. 
  Get into the ‘Simplify’ Mode.  There's already way too much complexity in IT systems.  Few people care.  To them, it's all just plumbing behind the wall.  So stop making everyone learn about your plumbing.
  Agile, Agile, Agile.  Did we say, Agile?  Do not lock yourself (aka: people, process, and technology) into a program that stifles your ability to move quickly and easily to a market or economic change.  Nobody likes change, so don't make it more difficult for them!   
•   Internally Communicate.  Do this clearly and often.  I can't tell you how many 'initiatives' I've seen derail due to "Nobody told me..." 
  Brand is an Influencer.  You're around for a reason. You must be doing something right.  Not everyone can be "unconsciously competent."  So leverage that authority for good.  Provide value in what you say, do, and sell.  Don't diminish your own brand through shoddy testimony. 
This is all especially important for the B2B community. As we all expand our use of technology (Mobile, Apps, Responsive Websites, One-button Push Shopping, etc.), B2B producers must leverage digital marketing tactics to engage their clients in much the same as B2C providers. 
All this is available through a well thought-out and executed Digital Business and Marketing strategy.  The tools aren't the problem.  They're available to everyone: mobility, data analytics, etc. need an digital execution strategy and tactical roadmap; they don't get there by themselves. Developing insight into areas such as segmentation, prioritization, simplification and resource management (people, process, and technology) is the way you'll win in the Digital Business world of 2015 and beyond. 
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