Executive Summary: This blog recaps a multi-year, fully integrated software application development project involving a complement of Application Developers, Project Management, Business Analysts, and Application Program Interface Specialists, along with complete integration. Our services include Cloud Computing and employing the Agile Methodology.

Business Issue:

Avantia, Inc. was engaged by a service organization to replace their old, outdated Case Management System, in place for nearly (18) eighteen years.  This is a mission-critical application used by nearly all employees of the business, including 650+ system users.  The previous system relied on components that only ran on Windows XP™.  With the announcement that Microsoft™ would no longer support XP, along with changing business priorities, our client made the decision to rebuild the entire application.  Our client initially contracted another firm, but after two years, had virtually no deliverables. Enter Avantia to provide them with a fresh, modern, efficient, and engaging solution.


Following the requisite analysis work, Avantia proposed a solution to be delivered in two phases:

1.       Discovery: the discovery phase addressed the client’s needs, develop a workable cost estimate and timeline, and to propose the actual work to be performed during the Development Phase.

The Discovery team included Business Analysts, Project Management, Architect services, and User Interface Design skills.  Together, this team gathered and documented specific functional and operational requirements, outlined the architecture, and built a functioning prototype to demonstrate the concepts and services of the new system.  Our client was very pleased with the direction and gave us the go-ahead to move forward with the actual development.

2.       Development: This phase included an Architect, Database Administrator and Designer, Network and Security Analyst, User Interface Designer, Report Writer, Application Developers, Project Manager, Business Analyst, and a System Tester.  Along with design and development, the Avantia team managed the Cloud environments that were used to run the project for all phases of the project; from initial design, to testing, and ultimately, production.  We also worked closely with a client-side developer to convert data from their old system to the new system via ETL (extract, transform, load).  The team followed an Agile Methodology and delivered the system in iterations for User review and testing.

During each iteration, the Business Analyst and Project Manager met with the client Users and Stakeholders from Business Operations to learn and document the requirements for particular functional components of the system.  Once completed, the requirements were then turned over to the Developers for application coding.  As Functional Components were defined in each iteration, the application was developed and the system was then delivered to a Testing environment in the Cloud. This allowed client Users and Stakeholders to review progress and give feedback for each iteration.  Further, it enabled our Testers to review the system progress, test for any bugs, clean them up, and move on to the next iteration.

All along the way, the Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Testers worked with key system Stakeholders, transferring knowledge via iterative training sessions, speeding up the entire project and training phases. While Users learned the new system, the technical team worked on moving the system to production and monitored the project launch.  Post-launch, Avantia is working with the client concerning future enhancements, and qualitative and quantitative system improvements.

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