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Connect, Control, Scale


Digital Experience Platforms (DXP)

Digital Experience Platforms is a buzz word in today's web world. It means many different things to different people. At Avantia, we use DXPs as a way for businesses to connect with their clients, customers, suppliers and partners quicker and more efficiently. Look at any number of processes in any industry and you will find inefficiencies – places where revenue is being lost or resources are being used inefficiently. Avantia is expert at identifying those opportunities and deploying DXPs to get you back on track so you can focus on what is really important, your bottom line. No matter how technology changes or how sophisticated vendor offerings get, one thing NEVER changes—the need to align business problems with the proper technical solution! DXPs are having a profound impact on business alignment. Finding the right tool can be challenging. Avantia can help.


Web Content Management Systems(WCMS)

Who owns the information on your public web site or Intranet? How often should it be refreshed? Are there any corporate rules governing this information? These are all very good questions! Wrestling with web site content has been an issue since the advent of Internet technology. Historically your IT department had to make the changes and updates because it required knowledge of programming languages and the technology behind your sites. Today companies are recognizing the impact that a Web Content Management System can have on the accuracy and timeliness of information as well as efficiencies gained by putting the ability to make changes into the hands of the people or departments directly responsible for that information. However, choosing the right solution can be tricky. There are many choices in “off-the-shelf” software or you could choose to build a custom solution tailored to your needs. Avantia is experienced in helping organizations make informed decisions about their Web Content Management System investment and in the successful deployment of these systems.

Our team has worked in just about every WCMS over the years. That's just the nature of our business, and it has allowed us to experience many combinations of business scenarios and WCMS to fully understand the opportunities and potential pitfalls with each.




Avantia & Jahia

A popular choice in Europe, Jahia is expanding its North American presence. Avantia is a certified Jahia consulting partner and can help you understand how Jahia can have a positive impact on your business. Jahia’s North American operation already supports more than 20 customers, including the United Nations, the US Government, Garmin, Abercrombie & Fitch, Motion Picture Association of America and Mitsubishi.

Digital Experience with Jahia

Below are just some of the technologies Jahia can provide:

  • A full Enterprise Content Management System (Versioning, Staging, Locking, Workflow, Multilanguage, Dynamic Content Copies)
  • An integrated JSR-168 compliant Corporate Portal Server (Portlet support, Standard Servlet support, integrated WebClipping Generator)
  • Integrated Document Management System (WebDAV support)
  • Integrated Search engine (Apache Lucene, includes indexing of Office and PDF files)
  • Pre-packaged collaborative and productivity based web applications (forums, calendar)
  • Security and Single Sing-on features (LDAP, CAS, Windows NT SSO)
  • Efficient web-based administration tools (Full web based Administration Center)
  • Fast Performance with an integrated JSR-128 compliant HTML cache server proxy
  • XML import/export engine with support for synchronization across multiple servers
  • Integrated Business Process Server
  • Scalability and High Availability (Load Balancing, support for independent processing, authoring and publishing servers)
  • Common development tools and technologies (100% Java/J2EE based, support for standard Servlets and Portlets, support for open standards


Avantia & Sitecore

Sitecore Experience Platform is an extremely robust enterprise solution that combines the best of a CMS with powerful marketing features. This combination makes it very attractive for client's looking for a wholistic solution. Sitecore serves customer all over the globe including Proctor & Gamble, Microsoft, Thule, Volvo and Chick-fil-A. These brands were all looking for a solution that could scale with their business world-wide and Sitecore met that challenge.

Sitecore Experience Platform Features

Below are just some of the features making Sitecore an attractive choice of CMS:

  • A full Enterprise Content Management System (Versioning, Staging, Locking, Workflow, Multilanguage, Dynamic Content Copies)
  • Sitecore Managed Cloud service offers full access to your Sitecore instances and the ability to deploy custom code using Microsoft Azure serves. 
  • Sitecore Content Hub offers an end to end digital asset management solution for your entire content lifecycle
  • Sitecore Experience Accelerator  (SXA) offers out of the box reusable layouts and components, thereby reducing design and development time resulting in an accelerated time to market
  • Search engine support with Solr, Azure Search and Lucene
  • Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) provides an enterprise level ecommerce solution with catalog and inventory management, customer and order management and promotion and pricing management
  • Built in connectors for Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud, Sharepoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and more
  • A robust marketplace of plug-ins and extensions (Sitecore Marketplace)