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User Experience Design

Making Interactions Enagaging

Have you ever been on a web site and thought to yourself that was a nice experience? Everything was where it should be almost as if someone was anticipating your next move. There are so many web sites out there written very well technically or designed with beautiful interfaces. But when you mix these attributes with thoughtful Human Factors Engineering the result is magical.

At Avantia, we know that a great user experience begins with your information architecture. We layout your logic flows and do iterations with your expert users even before we write code. This lays the groundwork for creating a fully enagaging experience for your users. But that it just the beginning.

Creating a strategy to reach business goals involves fully understanding the goals and then approaching them from a users perpective. How do you engage the user on their terms while still compelling them to reach your goals? This could include personalization, marketing automation, or interactive content tailored to their needs. Often it is all of these.

Once the nuts and bolts of the strategy are defined, then it is time to execute. This includes both a technical execution as well as a design execution. Avantia has that covered.

Not only do we have the deep technical expertise to implement your strategy but we also have expertise in graphic design so that we marry all attributes into a beautiful, well designed and cohesive web site or software application. We can work with you to improve your existing site(s) or fold this expertise into your next new web development project.