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Architecture & Technology

Ideation Through Execution

Aligning your business plan with technology decisions can be a challenge. What technology should I choose? Everyone says their solution is exactly what I need. What technology is right for us? How much does it cost? There are so many choices… The right alignment means that your solutions will deliver bottom-line impact. The wrong alignment, however, means frustration and lost opportunity. The first step in making good technology decisions is defining your strategy. Avantia has expertise to help your organization make the transition from business plan to technology delivery. We have experience developing strategies in every facet of eBusiness in many industries for companies ranging from small to mid-sized all the way up to Fortune 100. Give us a call to talk about your strategic plans and how we can help you deliver them successfully.

Architecture Design

Businesses are increasingly challenged by rapidly changing markets, increasing customer expectations and more stringent product quality demands. Technology is a critical success factor in this dynamic environment. Organizations that have not yet begun the task of transforming their systems will find it difficult, if not impossible, to survive as market competition expands globally. To achieve a competitive edge in this environment, a new business model is needed to understand the changing advancement in technology and align them with strategic business goals. Avantia’s use of Enterprise Architecture design and implementation techniques create a flexible, adaptable environment enabling you to rapidly respond to the changing needs of your business and technology.