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Digital Marketing

Avantia's Digital Marketing Excellence Model (DMEM)

Customer Engagement Re-Imagined
Through Digital Innovation

Accelerate your business results
through digital strategy and tactics.

Our approach results in digital strategy that is
customized, high impact, actionable, and measurable.

Our Digital Marketing Excellence Model consists of:

Current State Assessment

A Current State Assessment identifies your current Digital Marketing capabilities across the vectors of Brand and Product Marketing, Digital Engagement (SEO, SEM, Email, Website, etc).

Digital Strategy

A Digital Strategy maximizes engagement, drives higher conversion, and establishes analytical rigor necessary to inform future strategies and drive ROI. Your customized plan provides technical platform recommendations, actionable insights, and tactics.


Integrated and synchronized project plans and timelines provide a specific and actionable roadmap.


A foundational dashboard, based on feedback and the assessment process, provides insight on key performance indicators and how online tactics contribute to business performance.

The Process

Phase 1:
Analyze and Assess

  • Analyze current state of your digital presence.
  • Review relevant marketing efforts.
  • Conduct interviews with key stakeholders.
  • Dive into the business to understand key challenges and opportunities.
  • Review any available analytics, metrics and benchmarks.

Phase 2:
Recommendation and Roadmap Creation

  • Develop action items based on Phase 1 analysis.
  • Define initiatives based on your needs, to maximize:
    • Traffic
    • Conversion 
    • Market basket
  • Identify technical execution platforms
  • Build analytics Action Plan.

Phase 3:

Whether it is our team, your team, or both, implement the tactics that have been recommended and agreed upon.

Phase 4:
Measurement and Refinement

As predefined success metrics are established, the monitoring of those is imperative and ongoing. We analyze the data that is captured to inform future strategies and refinements.

The Leadership Team

Digital and Marketing Strategy Officer

Over 20 years of client side Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing, and General Management Experience across:

  • Digital Marketing
  • eCommerce
  • Brand Strategy and Architecture
  • Product Management
  • Innovation
  • Consumer Packaged Goods  (CPG)
  • Consumer Durable Goods

Digital Marketing

Over 15 years of Technical and Digital Marketing Experience with expertise in the following areas:

  • Translating creative thinking into actionable and measurable plans
  • Architecting data and using data to inform decisions
  • Project Definition
  • Analytics
  • Technical Architecture Development -- website, email, SMS, CRM, marketing automation, and SEO
  • Professional Services, Manufacturing, Non-Profit, and Consumer Goods