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Industry Focus

We keep our clients ahead of competition – Our expertise spans Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Real Estate, and Retail.

At Avantia, we understand that our clients want to be at the forefront of their industry. With respect to technology application and information systems they lead. Never follow.

Financial Services

Financial Services companies are ready to take advantage of the economic upturn. Their focus is to find more effective ways to increase revenues and reduce costs. Relentless competition, sophisticated customers, ever changing products and solutions, and shorter times-to-market are all driving increased demand for ever-improving, ever-changing information technology to support the business.


Smaller budgets. Increased security. Old technology. More demand. Increased risk. Less time. These are the difficult challenges each federal, state and local agency faces. Part of the solution is developing well-integrated business processes and e-business solutions that can help government entities work more efficiently, effectively and securely. Avantia offers proven, valuable solutions to our government clients.

Medical App


IT continues to play an increasingly important role in health care and the life science field. From systems designed to reduce medical errors and promote patient safety, to complying with government regulations, improving operational efficiencies and connectivity with customers to maintaining a secure and reliable infrastructure, IT is a cornerstone of point-of-service and back-end solutions for health and life science market today.


Northeast Ohio is home to some of the most innovative insurance companies in the world. Their advanced use of technology has changed the landscape of insurance distribution, policy quoting, service and claims processing....permanently. The very foundation of Avantia's insurance expertise is firmly rooted in these technologies.

Real Estate

Avantia has worked with clients to provide flexible, mobile alternatives to the endless stacks of paperwork associated with real estate transactions. We have also provided import and export mapping integration between forms tools, MLS’, back office systems, and transaction management applications.


Avantia has extensive knowledge when it comes to technology in the retail industry.  Including live chat. Our knowledge and expertise has helped numerous global retailers. Whether it is project scoping, project management, custom web development, or software testing, we understand the technology side of retail.