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Avantia is a Jahia Certified Premium Partner.  We have deep technical experience integrating Jahia's content management system across demanding technological environments.

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We are proud to be Jahia's only US based Certified Premium and Certified Gold Partner.
Below are just a few reasons we are the best partner to help you harness the power of Jahia's content management system

Extensive, Implementation, Infrastructure, and Upgrade Experience

Please checkout this case study !  We have been a Jahia partner for more than 5 years.  It is very likely we have worked in environments similar to yours.  Our experiences installing, managing, and upgrading our clients across Jahia versions 5, 6, 6.6, and 7 has given us deep understanding of the differences and nuances across Jahia offerings.  We also have expertise integrating Jahia across internal and external systems; live chat, customer relationship management systems, and portals to name a few.

Seasoned Team of Certified Jahia Experts

Our team knows the Jahia Content Management System.  Our ‘real world’ experience rolling out websites across industries combined with comprehensive training is unlike any other consultancy you’ll find.  We’re in constant contact with the Jahia technical team as they continue to evolve the product platform.    From back office integration, to front end design, to deployment architectures, we have experience in all aspects of successful Jahia implementations.

Extensive brand and business building experiences

We get technology. We love technology. However, we love business and return on investment even more.  Digital Marketing is at our core.  We take a holistic view to understand deeply what is needed for your business.  This helps us better leverage Jahia and bring your vision of the future to fruition.

We make the “What’s Needed” a reality

Have a design concept and want to bring it to the web?  We know how to utilize Jahia’s Theming and Skinning features to bring it to life.  Want to simplify your infrastructure and deploy Jahia in the cloud?  We have that experience.  Need high availability for you mission critical Jahia site?  We can recommend proper Jahia setups and a robust technology stack.   Looking to add a mobile presence for your site?  These are just a few example of what we have accomplished with Jahia.


We’ve built 100’s of custom Jahia modules for our various clients to tailor their websites to their vision.  From integration with internal back end systems, to Customer Relationship Management vendor APIs, to marketing automation systems, we have experience exposing this data through the Jahia CMS.  Does your organization need custom workflows to protect your confidential data?  We can implement it for you.

Global and Multilingual Rollouts

We understand what is needed to launch on a global scale.  We’ve rolled out sites in over 50 languages across the world, inclusive of managing the complex challenge of training global organizations.  We also understand important localization considerations inherent to global rollouts.  We leverage best practices from the beginning to avoid later frustration.  Large character sets such as Japanese and Chinese have unique technical changes that we are intimately familiar with.  Global site platform upgrades and implementation are both a people and a technology challenge.  We’ve have experience successfully managing both challenges.