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Custom Development

Do it Right the First Time

With the upturn in the economy, many companies are compelled to find new ways to lower the cost of doing business while positioning themselves for growth. Companies are reviewing their business processes, systems and applications. The results? Plans are being made to improve the hardware and software that run the business. However, unlike the past, today companies are keeping in mind the best possible ratio between cost and quality as they make new investments in application development. Some key benefits from new IT investments include:

  • Increase productivity and satisfaction for end users—customers and employees
  • Gain factual information of performance and possible bottlenecks
  • Minimize risk when developing, testing, maintaining and upgrading applications
  • Reduce the cost per transaction as well as the total cost of ownership

Avantia Services:

  • Custom application development
  • Application integration
  • Software selection and integration
  • Consulting
  • Live Chat Integration


Java is a modern, high-level programming language that can be used to solve a wide-range of business problems. At Avantia, we develop for the Java Platform because of the cost savings to the customer in both the short-term and long-term due to the following reasons:

  • Platform-Independence prevents vendor lock-in and software obsolescence.
  • Built-in Security and Networking allows for the creation of modern, safe internet applications.
  • Object-Oriented Development promotes code reuse, faster development, and easier maintainability.
  • Corporate support and partnerships with vendors such as IBM and Sun.
  • A wide variety of open-source tools and applications from groups such as Jakarta and JBoss.
Avantia' s Development Center offers:
  • Product development using Java/J2EE Technologies
  • Migration of applications to Java/J2EE
  • Migration of J2EE applications to other platforms (such as .NET)
  • Performance Tuning of your existing J2EE application
  • Software Architecture design of J2EE applications
  • Testing of existing Java/J2EE applications, including load testing


Avantia, Inc associates have many years experience developing enterprise solutions on a variety of platforms. We bring this broad base of experience with us into the Microsoft .NET arena. Although .NET has only been around for a few years now, the knowledge and experience of Avantia associates in .NET and other platforms can help you get the most out of your .NET deployment. From web sites to web services, from desktop applications to enterprise integration Avantia will help you.

The Microsoft Application Development Group creates business solutions using state of the art development tools. Our commitment to this goal is realized through a strategic partner relationship with Microsoft. Our approach centers around highly skilled Software Developers trained and experienced in all of the major technologies. .NET technologies use Web services to help enhance the computing experience with highly integrated communications and information which benefits organizations by helping them get the most out of their existing technology investments. .NET technologies and Web services can be used to integrate even the most disparate computing environments. .NET provides the flexibility and scalability that can help organizations connect their existing IT systems and build a foundation for the next wave of computer technology. .NET and Web services can help organizations lower operating costs by helping connect systems; increase sales by helping employees access the right information when and where they need it; integrate services and applications with customers and partners; and lower the costs of information technology with tools that help developers quickly create new solutions to address business issues.