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Quality Assurance

Custom approach, Managing Risk, Adaptable

Whether your software development process is waterfall, iterative or agile, testing is a strategic initiative that requires hard work, an acute understanding of risk and flexibility to change. Avantia can help you manage those risks and quickly respond to your changing priorities. Business systems today are more complex than they have ever been. The number of components required to assemble a system has grown exponentially! Software testing has become equally complex.

  • How much will testing cost?
  • How long will it take?
  • Reduced response time
  • What is at risk if we don't test?

Like many other software activities, testing involves tradeoffs, and unfortunately, there are no magic bullets. Avantia’s Testing Practice is built on the premise that testing needs to be simple, flexible and adaptable to your business needs. We partner with our clients to customize testing solutions that enable them to adapt testing practices to their constantly changing environments and processes. We work with clients to identify the aspects of testing that are needed to successfully manage their needs and priorities including quality, project schedules and budgets. We know testing, you know your business. Let’s rendezvous to create the optimal solution for you.

Avantia Services:

  • Organizational Testing Strategy
  • Testing Maturity Assessments
  • Test Management Expertise
  • Increased cost performance
  • Integrating Test Architecture with System Architecture
  • Test Design, Planning and Execution (Staff Augmentation)
  • Test Consulting
  • Test Staff Mentoring
  • Test Automation including Performance and Regression
  • Evaluation and Tool Selection
  • Test Lab Expertise
  • Test Infrastructure and Environment Expertise
  • Defect Tracking & Metrics Management
  • Customized Test Training Courses